Payment Methods


→ Shopping online always has their associated risks. This risk is higher for sex dolls because buying sex dolls require full payment up front. That is why we understand the importance of secure payment and will therefore only accept payment through reputable secure methods such as Paypal to ensure that both of us are being protected as best we can.

→ When placing your order on our website, you can choose to pay by:

→ Paypal – Pay with your account or by credit card

→ Credit Card – Pay with your credit card. You don’t need an account to choose the PayPal option. All you need is a valid credit card.

→ We’re confident that each of the above options offers you a level of protection that guarantees your payment is secure.

→ But that’s not all. We have put the best systems in place to protect your financial and personal information ensuring that the details of your purchase remain absolutely private. We have also been careful to ensure that our officially registered business name gives no indication as to the nature of our business.

→ So you can rest assured that your bank statements, credit card bills, and PayPal history will have no mention of love dolls or sex toys.

→ Other Payment Method, Contact us for help: